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Hi All! Updates on my life…….

12 Aug

First thing first, last I was here I told you about my interview that I thought I nailed. HAHA, foolish me! I apparently did nail the interview, but the manager already had someone else in mind.  :^/ 

So she wants to keep my info on file and keep me in mind for the Freelance Artist opportunity, if one ever comes available. Now don’t get it twisted that I took it well when I finally talked to her. I kept my calm while on the phone with her, but when I hung up, I let it rip! I was really looking forward to this panning out for so many different reasons. But I guess it’s not my time. It’s funny really, I’ve stop trying in my makeup applications, I’ve stop with all my efforts. I don’t have the motivation to even begin anymore. Maybe it’ll come back or I’ll push myself to get there and start over. Have to take a step back and start over. UGH!

Any whoo, I’m still job hunting. Oh what joy that is. The constant seeking of employment is beyond my frivolous understanding of how the world should work. But  I’ll keep going on it because I need funds. This is the first time I’ve been out of a job this long. I pray that I don’t get to 12 months. But that’s enough of that.



Wishing and Hoping and Praying

5 May

So now that I’m looking seriously for a steady stream of income (basically find a job) to help pay my bills and finance my supplies for the upcoming photo shoots (Claiming in the name of Jesus), I’ve looked back into my previous profession of banking. I’d decided to look for another line of work due to the experience I had with a large banking corporation, however, if you’re good at what you do it’s hard to start from a fresh slate.

So looking at different institutions I considered looking at alternate positions outside of just teller or financial service rep. On this past friday I received a phone call from a local credit union (score!). Just when I decided to go all in and leave nothing to chance I got a phone call from the credit union I bank with. Upon speaking with the lady, we got talking about my previous job and and what I was interested in. I explained to her that a former coworker of mines is currently working with her and he told me about the position, but also I was interested in two different  positions that are currently available in that particular branch.

Well she ends up telling me all about the original position I had sent my resume in for, Member Call Center Rep. The position is 2nd shift 2:30-11:30, which would be AWE-Some because I could still do some photo shoots during the week and occasionally weekends. I don’t want to blow it  out of proportion so I’m trying to keep it in check. I’m hoping to hear early this week for a face to face interview. They are looking to start  training asap.


Keep me in your prayers, I need it!     

Fingers crossed!

3 May

Upon my realization of life, I’ve looked into several options for advancement and success on my life. As you may or may not know I’ve been looking for a major source of income after losing my job in Nov. After a few interviews in my former profession (banking) I decided to try my hand at a life long passion Makeup.

I’m sure you maybe thinking anybody can do makeup. Which is true. Anybody can. The difference is what each person puts onto it. When I do a look I continue until I feel that its perfected. I look at YouTube, Instagram, and other print work.

Slowly I’ve been putting myself out into the world. To have my work viewed, judged, liked, dislike, wanted, considered, and maybe even overlooked. Weeks of coming up with a company identity to say “this is me. this is who I am.” I’m marked with beauty.

I’m Beauty Marq’d. (Marquita is my first name, hence Marq’d).

But since I’ve put myself out there I’ve gotten an overwhelming feedback. Put more of yourself out there. Instagramers, bloggers, and makeup lovers in many communities are supporting me and my work. #yay me!

The most important support came from a long ago friend that I knew years ago. He’s a photographer. Owner of Derek Palmer Photograph, he’s been into photography for several years and wanted to collaborate with me. He saw my work and wanted to see more. Wants to set up a photo shoot, even refer work my way! Who knew?

My work is in demand!


That’ll put a smile on anybodies face.

Don’t look now, but you may see me up in lights before you know!