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Autism Speaks, Show your Support!

14 Aug

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Sunrise in the Bahamas

27 Apr

Sunrise in the Bahamas

August of 2012 I was fortunate to go to a place many in my family had never been. The BAHAMAS!!! I had never been so excited in my life to have been able to travel to such a place. That was my first flight, and my first time out of the country. Even now that seems so foreign to me. When we arrived and was able to look out the window throw the plane it was like a isolated paradise waiting for us to explore. I was perfectly happy with my stretch of sand and sun right off our resort room. I had every intention to go and do nothing. My boyfriend at the time had different intentions I found out later. But all in all we enjoyed the quiet time. listening to the sound of the ocean, enjoying to culture around us and feeling blessed. A place I wouldn’t mind traveling to again. For sure!!!