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Hi All! Updates on my life…….

12 Aug

First thing first, last I was here I told you about my interview that I thought I nailed. HAHA, foolish me! I apparently did nail the interview, but the manager already had someone else in mind.  :^/ 

So she wants to keep my info on file and keep me in mind for the Freelance Artist opportunity, if one ever comes available. Now don’t get it twisted that I took it well when I finally talked to her. I kept my calm while on the phone with her, but when I hung up, I let it rip! I was really looking forward to this panning out for so many different reasons. But I guess it’s not my time. It’s funny really, I’ve stop trying in my makeup applications, I’ve stop with all my efforts. I don’t have the motivation to even begin anymore. Maybe it’ll come back or I’ll push myself to get there and start over. Have to take a step back and start over. UGH!

Any whoo, I’m still job hunting. Oh what joy that is. The constant seeking of employment is beyond my frivolous understanding of how the world should work. But  I’ll keep going on it because I need funds. This is the first time I’ve been out of a job this long. I pray that I don’t get to 12 months. But that’s enough of that.



Missing In Action

31 Jul

Hello Everybody.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Honestly its really hard to come up with a reason to blog. My life right now is bland. Nothing major had been happening in the last few weeks. No reason to hop on and share with you what’s new…. Till now.

I was asked to come in for an interview with our local MAC counter this past Monday. Being beyond super excited, I want to make the best impression possible. Knowing the manager and a few of the artist there means a little, but I still wanted to be known that I have what it takes to be an artist on my own right, not just cause I know people.

I went in with my fiercest makeup look, Purple smokey eye, natural foundation with plenty of coverage (achieving a flawless look), a bold lip statement with Rebel and centered with RiRi boy. Wearing my multiple strand pearl necklace with pearl earrings, and rocking a big white rose in my hair. I new I was on point! Receiving compliments from my artist friends along with random people I met. 

The interview was pretty basic. Questions ranging from, “Why MAC? What do you know about MAC? What can you tell me about MAC’s skin care line? How would you rate your skills in makeup application? In Customer Service and Sales? How would you rate the makeup you have on now?” Things like that. 

Confidence is a must with MAC. All my friends that are artist and all the YouTube videos in reference to interviewing with MAC told me that was really #1. Then customer service & sells, then application (which can be thought to some degree).

After ending the interview, I felt relieved to have the initial interview over with, but I’m nervously waiting to hear back for the second call back to do the makeup application portion. It’s only been a few days but its still nerve racking.


Hoping I hear something soon or I’m going to bust! 🙂

My Life is better than I thought….

28 Apr

Me So apparently my life is way better then I thought…. I started a blog for my Makeup Business, BeautyMarq’ds Blog, and it’s slowly coming into its own. However, my personal life seems to be more fun. I enjoy my life, don’t get me twisted. But I never thought I would have as much interest in my life as I do. This is truly mind boggling!!

Who’d a thunk it! LOL.

Makeup is my passion, please believe me. I can enjoy the new shades of the season in practically anything. I sit at my vanity and practice looks. I YouTube, Google, and Instagram looks most days to see the last fashion and trends to be in the “know.” And at the end of the day I snap away at myself to try the capture the best sides of myself and my work.

My Makeup is my passionate side. It stands out. It literally have people stop me and ask if I have a professional Makeup Artist that does my makeup….

Uh Yeah!! I do! Her name is Me! Lol. She’s a pretty cool cat! I like her.

It’s always nice to know your work is appreciated…..

But when all that’s said and done I’m back to being me. Simple and quiet. Goofy at times, but always a realist. That’s who I like to be. It’s refreshing to know that my Alter Ego isn’t the only personality that people like.

Saving what you make……

27 Apr

The Winston-Salem Downtown Library ran a series of Money Smart seminars this week. The former head of this project Jacquelyn White (who also happens to be my sister, Love her), told me about one of the last classes that was held on Friday. This particular one happened to be named, Drug Store 101. It consisted of ways to combine not only the current sales that any particular drug store maybe running during the week, but how to utilize the sale promotion, manufacturing coupons, store coupons, and reward benefits to bring down your total amount spending. Sometimes even to a point of just merely paying sales tax on the items purchased.

Now I know it may sound as if I might be pulling your leg. Or you immediately envision the Extreme Couponing Show, or think of hoarders. But I assure you, Responsible Coupon Ladies don’t behave like that. Jessie as known as Moola Saving Mom, explained how just by using sources that are available to you, you are positioning yourself for better success. (That seems like another post waiting to happen, lol)

Quite honestly, we all hear complaints about how much this is, how much that is, I went to the store and I spent “x” amount and only got 6 items. Etc., etc., etc…. I know I’ve said it myself. But going to this seminar about how to still by what you need but at a much reduced and reasonable price gave me renewed interest on how to keep up with my own couponing.

Now grant it not everybody is into couponing. There are still bad connotations about the age-old traditions of cutting them. But seriously think back. When was the last time you really looked into it?

With the advancements of technology, couponing is no longer little old ladies with the Sunday paper snipping out $.25 & $.50 coupons off of paper towels and toilet paper for their next store visits. There are mobile apps, support groups, websites, and many other avenues. Free for the consumers just to take advantage of.

Think, Free Money! Have I got your attention now? 🙂 As if I didn’t have it before!

This is just a piece of the puzzle. There are so many more things to learn. The best thing about it is that it’s free to learn and end the end can make you a profit. So why not consider it?

Couponing has become a way of living and a way of life. What better way to save what you already make?

Just Because….. (A moment of reflection)

26 Apr



I wrote then other day about how by the grace of God, McGreggor is up and running. So in light of the fact I have now am able to upload my pictures from my camera and phone. I am now even able to type out complete thoughts and poetic ideas. Though it’s been some time since I’ve done either one of those things. But this could be the beginning of a Beautiful Relationship!!!! 

Upon uploading my pics from my camera I reviewed pictures I took from one of my vacations I was so fortunate to take to the Bahamas in August of 2012.  While reviewing I began thinking of a recent conversation I had with a long time friend. We meet up a couple of days ago so that I could get some makeup samples for a photo shoot I was supposed to do this weekend (that got canceled).

But anyway, we got on the subject of my ex boyfriend. I won’t state his name out of respect for his privacy, however, I will say that he and I have known each other for over 13 years and tried to make a go of something special. In the midst of the special time we had in our relationship it was compounded by the fact that we were long distance from each other.

Now to all my subbies out there, in this great age of technology, you would think that long distance isn’t the end of a well working relationship. We kept in touch through skype on the weekends, emails, and occasional face to face chats. We did our part, we worked at it. Occasional arguments, disagreements where bound to happen, but we pulled through it. 10 years of friendship had gotten us through some tough times before, so that should be no different. Boy, was I wrong!!!

Having a Job should be considered a blessing and a highlight. His however great it is was one of the worst that maybe out there. He worked nonstop it felt like. We may actually hear each other’s voice for about 4 hours a week, and that was if we were on a good note. 

But even after all that we endured through the relationship, I find myself thinking over all  the fun we had. Over the year and a half of us dating we took 4 vacations. His was usually 6 weeks long due to all the overtime accumulated. When he was home, he would split his time between his family, best friends, and myself, but he would make sure he made time for me.

Thinking back on things after the fact, they don’t seem as demanding and difficult as I once thought they were. And even now knowing all the facts (somethings you gotta keep to yourself), I find myself being a better person having gone through that experience.

We speak everyday now, which is much more than we did while dating. Lol. Going over the  pics from our next to last vacation reminded me of some of the best times in my life. Being treated like the Queen you are by a wonderful man, enjoying the treasures that life has to offer, and just knowing that even in the event that you separate they will always be there for you. You know, if couldn’t be a better way to end things. 


Days like today …

23 Apr

Its a beautiful day here in Winston… The sun is bright with just the right amount of heat and breeze. Ah Spring. New growth, new life, new opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities, I get to do a photo shoot this weekend!! Awesome. Can’t wait to find out more details to share. Let you know what’s going on.

Happy Days

21 Apr

I finally have my MUA sites up and running. Please check them out.

Instagram: @beauty_marqd
Twitter: @beauty_marqd

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