What you know bout that life?!

12 Aug

I’m not the hugest Beyounce fan. I have never claimed to be. I know those fans that would cut a person if they ever “came out of pocket” bout her! But I have to share some of my favorite songs of hers that just speak to the heart. The first is EGO. Now this song right chere is all about what it the title saids, EGO! 

A man who does his thang! He has that swag, that demeanor, that sex appeal, that will stop you in your tracks and make you take notice!

I know a few men like that, and I’m blessed to say I dated a few in my past. Because there is nothing sexier then a man in a suit with his confidence holding at 110%. Trust me on that one!

But once you got that man you got to show him you can give it back! Beyounce’s DANCE FOR YOU is a clear example of showing him while you are what you are, let me  show you how happy I am to be with you! The sensuality and the appeal of this song makes you want to sit your man down and show ’em what cha workin wit!



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