In this day and age…. FAITH the size of a mustard seed is what you need!

24 May

So as you know I lost my job back at the end of September. Immediately I had an interview the following week with a local Credit Union. Nothing came of it. Though I thought I nailed the interview, I apparently didn’t. Upon looking back on it I thought, “Wow, How cocky was I?” Which unknowing I didn’t realize I was like that, I mean who thinks that about themselves?

I know/knew I was a great candidate. I am very good at what I do. I’m accountable, I have integrity, I’ve earned the respect of my clients and follow colleagues, and am confident that hired and given any task I can prove my worth and that the given faith of those who hired me would not be in vain. Not bragging or anything, just being confident in the ethics I have to worked hard for.

So the particular Credit Union didn’t see that the first time. So a couple of months later, March to be exact, I was called for another interview by the same Credit Union. Great, another chance to do better then I did in October. 

Unfortunately, I felt like I completely bombed it!!! Nerves got the better of me and I couldn’t stick any of my points. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum from the last time I was interviewed. And one of the interviewers had previously interviewed me in October.

Skip ahead 6 weeks, called for a 3 interview with the same company. So I have something they like in my resume. So, this time I’m pumped! Prayed up, mellowed out, practiced and well positioned with my talking points and now a pro at their interviewing styles. Well, at least I thought I was. The very next day after the phone interview I received a phone call saying that they decided not to interview because they still had my previous information on hand and they would just review that. Ugh, Who does that?!!

But I, the one who never gives up so easily took it in stride and decided I will not let something so beneath my talents rile me up. ( No lie, I was fuming, but let it go, why get mad, it is what it is!)

I have had a couple more phone interviews and even had a interviews with another company. However, there are so many people looking to find a job just to make ends meet I feel like a lost sheep. The banking institution I came from once had one of the best working branch teams around. We were like family, we were there for each other in the hardest of times and for the happiest times. Now all 12 of the people I worked with left that bank and are in different institutions. All but 2. Myself of course, and the other individual left traditional banking and is doing private investments. So needless to say, I must suck a lot more than I ever thought.

I don’t let it bother as much as it could. Every so often I see a previous clients or talk to a former coworker and they help me to realize I am as good as I think I am. I just need to push a bit harder and where ever I’m meant to be will come around.

FAITH the size of a mustard seed. They say that’s what you need. Just the literal thought of  what God can and will do on your behalf is all you have to have. My declaration has always been if it’s meant to be then it will be. I’m so ready to have my world shaken up it’s unreal!

I’m believing something is going to happen. What and when, is beyond me, but he knows what’s best for me! I can’t wait to witness it!!!

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