Having a flashback….

18 May

So most of my Saturdays are spent either on the couch or laying in the bed watching Netflix or Hulu. Ok, so I’m a sucker for movies and sitcoms.

So as I was watching my latest show, I begun to think back to being  a kid. Watching Saturday morning cartoons, eating a bowl of Fruit Loops or Kix, or King Vitamin, whatever my mom bought for the week. Just thinking of how cool Thunder Cats were or Transformers. 

And invariably 12 o’clock will hit and my dad would come in and start watch Bonanza or the or whatever Saturday afternoon movie was on for the week. My sister and I could stay as long as we were quiet and the movie didn’t have bad words in it. So we would sit on the  floor watching movie, never really understanding it most of the time, always asking, “What does that mean? Who is he? Why’d he do that?” More or less getting on my dad’s nerves for him to yell at us, “If you say something else, you’re going to your room!” There were a few times where we got sent to our rooms. All in all we would have made memories to last us a lifetime. We’d laugh and joke around. Then go and get dressed for whatever adventure we would get into for the Saturday evening.

As time went on and the Saturday morning cartoons began to get more retard, we grew apart. We as girls began to sleep in on those mornings, my brother came along and he began to take up my dad’s mornings, so in a sense it was win/win. Little did I know then that I would be wishing for the old days of yore to return again.

You see I’ll never be able to make new memories of my Saturday adventures with my dad. He past away about 4 years ago this upcoming August. 

Sitting and remembering all the good times we had (even the bad ones) helps me to keep him close in my heart. Even now sitting and typing this out, watching Xena (don’t ask, I told you I was a sucker for sitcoms) I feel close to him like I once was. Maybe my Saturdays won’t compare to what I used to have but they are still full of good memories. And that’s good enough for me!

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