13 May

Yeah, it’s been that kind of a week!! Getting thoughts and confidence together to do my first photo shoot. Which in the end, I did complete, Check out that out here. But after the photo shoot was done and everything, the photographer treated brother and myself to dinner, along with another photographer and the main photographers wife. It was a thoughtful suggestion.

We spoke about different things like doing different types of photo shoots, more editorial shoots, my possibly writing the latest trend articles related to Makeup Tips, Tricks and ideas for the new season. So far I’ve yet to get the meat of the article together. I just have the pictures and a title line. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration today as I continue to work up my blogs today. He also wants me to start helping out in more ways then just MUA. Possible creative director for shoots, along with a being a in a more hands on way to collaborate in the creative process. 

We will see how all that turns out. His work is pretty nice! Check him out, Derek Palmer Photography.

Now that was the biggest amount of drama, however that was only at the end of my week. The beginning of the week was much more problematic. My ex Beau had a bone to pick with me over a huge misunderstanding. 

A friend of his wanted to get a few plus size ladies to model for photo he wanted to do. There wasn’t a lot of information given, which a the time I was unaware of that. I asked some important questions to help determine whether or not I would be interested in modeling or helping out. Well the ex thought I was just being difficult on purpose and not wanting to do it. So he got agitated and bothered by my questions and information seeking. Little did he realize that I was honestly impressed and grateful that he thought so highly of me to think I would be pretty enough to be a model. For him to think of me as such a beauty to promote plus size women was touching. 

To me it was a treat to think that he was still physically attracted to me to share my looks with a wide range of others. But somewhere in the conversation it broke down to “you asking to many questions I don’t have the answer to, if you don’t want to do it then don’t.” Things like that. Shameful. The thought of arguing with him shakes me to the core to no end. When we don’t get along it bothers me something terrible. 

He’s been my bff for over 13 years. He’s seen me through some of the toughest times in my life. I don’t always come at him with a tude or a problem. Honestly, I just want to sit and watch movies and relax when we’re together. I mean who doesn’t want to do that?! 

But after I figure out that it was just a misunderstanding on my part and his, he couldn’t even agree that I was right. That it was just that simple. He chose to continue with his jackassery. Knowing that he just wanted to push it to the limit. Three days later of way too much assholery to be around he finally broke. 

He laughed at my joke!!! I knew I could get to him. He cares about me too much to stay mad at me too long. Finally getting passed the problem, he showed me the attention I only really wanted. There maybe hope for us yet. Lol. Maybe.  


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