Wishing and Hoping and Praying

5 May

So now that I’m looking seriously for a steady stream of income (basically find a job) to help pay my bills and finance my supplies for the upcoming photo shoots (Claiming in the name of Jesus), I’ve looked back into my previous profession of banking. I’d decided to look for another line of work due to the experience I had with a large banking corporation, however, if you’re good at what you do it’s hard to start from a fresh slate.

So looking at different institutions I considered looking at alternate positions outside of just teller or financial service rep. On this past friday I received a phone call from a local credit union (score!). Just when I decided to go all in and leave nothing to chance I got a phone call from the credit union I bank with. Upon speaking with the lady, we got talking about my previous job and and what I was interested in. I explained to her that a former coworker of mines is currently working with her and he told me about the position, but also I was interested in two different  positions that are currently available in that particular branch.

Well she ends up telling me all about the original position I had sent my resume in for, Member Call Center Rep. The position is 2nd shift 2:30-11:30, which would be AWE-Some because I could still do some photo shoots during the week and occasionally weekends. I don’t want to blow it  out of proportion so I’m trying to keep it in check. I’m hoping to hear early this week for a face to face interview. They are looking to start  training asap.


Keep me in your prayers, I need it!     

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