Fingers crossed!

3 May

Upon my realization of life, I’ve looked into several options for advancement and success on my life. As you may or may not know I’ve been looking for a major source of income after losing my job in Nov. After a few interviews in my former profession (banking) I decided to try my hand at a life long passion Makeup.

I’m sure you maybe thinking anybody can do makeup. Which is true. Anybody can. The difference is what each person puts onto it. When I do a look I continue until I feel that its perfected. I look at YouTube, Instagram, and other print work.

Slowly I’ve been putting myself out into the world. To have my work viewed, judged, liked, dislike, wanted, considered, and maybe even overlooked. Weeks of coming up with a company identity to say “this is me. this is who I am.” I’m marked with beauty.

I’m Beauty Marq’d. (Marquita is my first name, hence Marq’d).

But since I’ve put myself out there I’ve gotten an overwhelming feedback. Put more of yourself out there. Instagramers, bloggers, and makeup lovers in many communities are supporting me and my work. #yay me!

The most important support came from a long ago friend that I knew years ago. He’s a photographer. Owner of Derek Palmer Photograph, he’s been into photography for several years and wanted to collaborate with me. He saw my work and wanted to see more. Wants to set up a photo shoot, even refer work my way! Who knew?

My work is in demand!


That’ll put a smile on anybodies face.

Don’t look now, but you may see me up in lights before you know!

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