Saving what you make……

27 Apr

The Winston-Salem Downtown Library ran a series of Money Smart seminars this week. The former head of this project Jacquelyn White (who also happens to be my sister, Love her), told me about one of the last classes that was held on Friday. This particular one happened to be named, Drug Store 101. It consisted of ways to combine not only the current sales that any particular drug store maybe running during the week, but how to utilize the sale promotion, manufacturing coupons, store coupons, and reward benefits to bring down your total amount spending. Sometimes even to a point of just merely paying sales tax on the items purchased.

Now I know it may sound as if I might be pulling your leg. Or you immediately envision the Extreme Couponing Show, or think of hoarders. But I assure you, Responsible Coupon Ladies don’t behave like that. Jessie as known as Moola Saving Mom, explained how just by using sources that are available to you, you are positioning yourself for better success. (That seems like another post waiting to happen, lol)

Quite honestly, we all hear complaints about how much this is, how much that is, I went to the store and I spent “x” amount and only got 6 items. Etc., etc., etc…. I know I’ve said it myself. But going to this seminar about how to still by what you need but at a much reduced and reasonable price gave me renewed interest on how to keep up with my own couponing.

Now grant it not everybody is into couponing. There are still bad connotations about the age-old traditions of cutting them. But seriously think back. When was the last time you really looked into it?

With the advancements of technology, couponing is no longer little old ladies with the Sunday paper snipping out $.25 & $.50 coupons off of paper towels and toilet paper for their next store visits. There are mobile apps, support groups, websites, and many other avenues. Free for the consumers just to take advantage of.

Think, Free Money! Have I got your attention now? 🙂 As if I didn’t have it before!

This is just a piece of the puzzle. There are so many more things to learn. The best thing about it is that it’s free to learn and end the end can make you a profit. So why not consider it?

Couponing has become a way of living and a way of life. What better way to save what you already make?

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