New Journey, New Rules, NEW LIFE!!!

13 Sep


With my 29th birthday approaching in less two weeks, I’ve decided to make a change for the better with my life. I called myself pledging for a radical change earlier this year and lost all my motivation when I felt that I wasn’t seeing any results. I was working with a trainer, found a workout buddy to keep me accountable (even though she turned out not to be reliable), and even had the support of my family and boyfriend. I thought with a possible long lasting relationship and a major birthday coming up within a year there wasn’t a better time to get in the best shape of my life for great “fictional” events that I was dreaming up. But in the end, I think I was really doing it for all the wrong reasons.

My dad passed away in August 2009. My father was considered to be extremely over weight and hadn’t have a physical exam in a number of years. Due to major physical limitations, he couldn’t continue with a work out regime when he did attempt to make a change and honestly support from others unfortunately ran thin. Myself included. Though I wished he would have continued, I can see how just knowing you need too doesn’t get your body to do what it should. Soon there after my grandmother passed away in November of the same year. Unlike my father, she wasn’t extremely over weight, like many other Americans she struggled with her weight.

My father dealt with the harsh socialital reality of job discrimination along with undeserved and unwarranted comments about his weight and size by “family” who claimed to be looking into his best interest. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with the sting of job discrimination but have had to deal with the family “concerns” that I don’t end up like my father.

With all that drama aside, I’ve decided to now is the time for me to do me. 30 is a big stepping stone. Many life decisions come about when you hit the major stepping stones of life. What have you done? What are you wanting to do? Who do you want to be? What do you what others to say when they speak of you? A flood of emotions come to mind.

This blog will be my way to help millions of women who may not know where to turn, how to start, or what to do to make major lifestyle changes and how they turn out. Not only will I workig out to present my new 30 year old body, my natural hair journey that has been underway for this last year, and any other victories. I’m open for suggestions and comments and other bloggers who are doing the same thing. Keep tuned!!!!!!

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