GNC Haul

13 Sep

As I explained before, my journey to a healthier me by the time I’m 30 “is about to go down” ( in my Kevin Hart’s voice).


Yesterday I did a GNC run to start thinking about how to get my body healthy from the inside out, not just from the outside in.
I went to my local GNC on Reynolda Road (got to give them props for their help), and looked into one of their online specials they were advertising. $30 off a regular product of $43.99. Making it a whooping $13.99. And of course ending up with a couple of other things.

Now I don’t know about you, but in this tough economy I want to save as much as I can and get well more than I’m paying for.

The product was an appetite control pill that allows you to feel fuller faster and longer throughout the day to minimize over eating and snacking. I had tried this particular pill along with several others in a vitapak a few months ago and felt like there was some change in my eating habits.

Now, let me point out that my eating habits weren’t always the best. Typically I don’t hardly eat breakfast and the occasions that I do its fast on the go type foods. Fast foods chains, gas station pick ups (my job is next door to a Shell gas station), or every rare opportunity when I feel like I have a few minutes I may go and have a sit down full on meal. This is usually every day that my behavior is quick and go. Couple with having a 30 minute lunch break 4-5 times a week you don’t really have time for much else.



Back to the vitapak, included in the 30 day supply is a Mood Enhancer, Multi-vitamin, Waterex, and the Appetite Control. I’m not a pro clearly and I only use to be a sales person but all those pills in in one day can be a bit to get use to. Once you get passed taking a handful of pills you begin to focus on what the pills are actually doing.

To me the Mood Enhancer worked the best. Scientifically I have no idea of what it was suppose to chemically release or how it change your mindset but somehow it did. My boyfriend once called it my magic pill. (Mean, right?! Lol.) It doesn’t fasely alter yoour personal but it makes you feel good and when you feel good you’re generally happier. When yours happier you feel better. A big ole circle of emotions.

Now when I feel good I typically push myself to workout. Once I start, I’ll usually keep going till I can’t go no more. I feel my best when I’ve pusshed myself in the gym. I once read that working out increases a natural body chemical that we make that gives us our natural high. Endorphines are at the highest level when your body is going through some type of workout.

With that considerably awesome effect tagged with the watered to help shed excess water weight and an appetite control, continual use should show some major results. Right?!

We shall see…….

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